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Bel Air V3 SDG X Sensus

Bel Air V3 SDG X Sensus

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Turn your bike into a Hyper Car

Inspired by modern day Hype Cars. Full Kevlar construction for a near bulletproof exterior. Fabricated on newest chassis SDG has to offer. Built especially for comfort and longer days in the saddle.

Ultimate comfort and performance, based on two decades of the proven Bel-Air profile, enhanced with contemporary aesthetics, geometry and the latest technological advancements.

Atmos Sealed Construction - Eliminates need for staples and bumpers on base of saddle.

Flat-Forward Platform - Allows ease of movement on the saddle.

Rear Rise - Allows optimum power and comfort from sitting position.

Nylon Glass Base With Bridge - Increases power transfer.

Deep Peri-Canal - Continuous relief channel from tip to tail.

Nose Platform - Wider nose to aid in climbing.

Sonic Weld - Added protection on corners of saddle.

Injection EVA - Lightweight injection molded foam.

Lux Alloy Rails
Length x Width: 260mm x 140mm
Weight: 260g

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