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Denim Forager Side Bag

Denim Forager Side Bag

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Whether you're exploring the forest floor, wandering along the coastline, commuting through the city, the new Denim Forager Side Bag comfortably fits everything you need throughout your day or your trip. Carry those extra things you really wish you always had with you like your earbuds, an extra battery pack, and a snack. This bag is extra rugged and water resistant due to the new waterproof backed fabric. The Forager side bag is a great option to slim down from fanny packs, backpacks, or large purses. This unisex bag is a 1 size fits all with an adjustable strap and minimalist style. Guys can now rock the man-purse as a crossbody bag keeping your pockets free. Ladies love the forager's small design and use it as a sling bag rather than lugging around an oversized shoulder bag.

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