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Wax Kit - Black Diamond

Wax Kit - Black Diamond

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 ♦ Ready for a World Cup-level tune? This wax kit has it all! ♦

  • Happy Norwegian Tuning Stands: The Official Tuning Stand for Norwegian Ski Team  makes ski tuning easy and works great for all types of skis + snowboards!
  • Wax Iron: Thick base plate to maintain consistent temperature and a dimpled surface for even wax distribution and smooth float during application.
  • Performance Wax | Cool + Warm: Plant-based + biodegradable. Two temperature-specific waxes to ensure that you have a fast, smooth glide in any snow condition.
  • Brass Wax Brush: Perhaps the most underrated tool in any comprehensive wax kit. This ergonomic wax brush will help remove old wax and to exposure the base structure after a coat of fresh wax. 
  • Wax Scraper: Sharp and sturdy, makes the wax scraping process quick + easy.
  • Travel Case: Keeps all your tuning tools in one place for travel and storage.
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