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Dakine Full Finger Fish Glove

Dakine Full Finger Fish Glove

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When it comes to fishing, your hands become your weapons and the first contact point for everything that goes into catching fish. From rigging and tying knots, to setting lines, to casting, reeling, and fighting fish… it’s all about your hands. So why not protect them?

Our Full Finger Fishing Gloves provide 360° protection from the elements while never inhibiting your hand or finger’s mobility. Offering UPF 50 sun protection, these full-contact fishing gloves are rugged and durable with reinforced palm and side hand panels, yet lightweight and breathable for hot days on the water. Use them to prevent line cuts and blisters while fishing, these gloves are also beneficial when physically handling fish to prevent the inevitable knicks caused by fin punctures, teeth, filet knives, or when releasing marlin and billfish.
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