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KISTLER Custom Fishing Rods

KLX Shakyhead, Tube, Spy Bait Spinning Rods

KLX Shakyhead, Tube, Spy Bait Spinning Rods

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Why Technique Specific?

Each KLX Technique Specific rod is designed for the most popular techniques. Whether you're throwing a topwater, frog, crankbait or umbrella rig, from the rod and handle length, to the power, action and lure and line weight specifications, your Technique Specific KLX makes the choice easy, and the results a win.

Each KLX Technique Specific rod rated with Signature Sensitivity [?]


Veteran Owned | American Craftsmanship | 5-Star Rated | #1 In Custom Fishing Rods | Strong Values | Unmatched Sensitivity | Excellent Customer Service | Meticulous Design Detail | Expert Rod Builders | Built By Hand In Texas

What's the warranty on my rod?

Our Kistler "Bend Strong" 5 year warranty is one of the best in the business. Covers all manufacturer defects for 5 years. Pro rated replacement each year. Read more.

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