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Reverse Can Holder

Reverse Can Holder

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Reverse can holder for cans with 0.33l capacity.
For any beverage, including, soft-drinks, beer and more.

A real eye-catcher, whether on the trail or in the bike park.
Nothing stands in the way of refreshing enjoyment after a great day's biking.
Well cooled by the wind, the drink fixed in the can holder tastes twice as good.

The can holder by Reverse Components in cooperation with Team Dosenbier.
The mechanism on the underside of the holder makes it easy to clip the can in and out, even after the toughest descents.
3D printing allows for a lightweight, yet stable and functional construction. In addition to attaching a can, there are two additional guides for cable ties to fix other material (e.g. a hose) to the can holder.

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